Organic Farm Rent with Green House + All Asset & Equipment Rm 16k
Price RM16,000.00
Product SKU KC 1204
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Organic Farm in front of Kolej Mara, Kulim
4.66 Acre  For Rent Rm 16k
4 Acre Green House
Exclusive Agent

Facing Main Road

Land Area: 
1.8865 Hectare 
4.66 Acre
202,989 sqft
Rental 16k
with Green House 4 acre
with Organic Farm
with Current Customer
with Workers
with Farm Tools
with Tractor x 1 ( 50k++)
with Excavator x 1 (50k++)
with Mini Tractor x 3 (15k++)
and All Asset, Equipment & Accessory in Farm Now  

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